Logo Design:


These are a variety of some logos that have been created.The logos are for a variety of different projects, and products.The description of each logo appears under the enlarged image.

Click on thumbnail to enlrage.


• Wilma's Dress Shoppe

• Delicate Delights

• Karafun TV

• Sustainable Fellwood

• GPS - Group Problem Solving

• GM Foods

• Clean up Savannah

• MCAS Beaufort Airshow

• Fenix Fine Jewelry

• Nebraska State Museums (Ashfall, Tractor, NE State Museum)

• Cat's Eye Photography

• Emma Davidson Printmaking

• SMS McMurdo Sound

• Alterations
• Penguin Books

• Rest House

• Kamikaze Crew

• Culture Links

• JofAP-Journal of Actuarial Practice

• NO - Natural Oil